The Hilarious Journey of Producing Superior Cannabis

Ever wondered how we get top-notch cannabis from seed to your smoking sessions? It’s a giggles-filled journey at Pleasantrees—where cannabis cultivation is an art filled with laughter!

Our first step is the ‘laughter therapy.’ While most people talk to their plants, we prefer to make our seeds chuckle by sharing the latest cannabis jokes. Did you hear about the stoned shark? It couldn’t stop laughing seaweed!

Next, we invite all our little sprouts to participate in a daily routine of “high intensity interval training”. It’s less of a workout and more about Skywalker OG and Gelato strains lifting your spirits higher and higher.

Our cultivation warriors also have the uncanny superpower of having a ‘green thumb’. But it’s not from constantly gardening, no–it’s from meticulously grinding our homegrown, giggle-inducing green buds!

Then comes the harvest season–it’s like nature’s version of a stand-up comedy show. Our cannabis plants are so potent that they’ve been known to reduce even the toughest farmers into fits of laughter.

Here at Pleasantrees, we marry fun with superior cannabis cultivation techniques to create cannabis that not only lifts your spirits but also tickles your funny bone!